An Introduction to Building Information Modelling (BIM)

For larger projects Measham Krysa offers its clients the BIM environment.  BIM is the most comprehensive process of project modelling. Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the BIM environment is the ground breaking arena that heralds a new collaborative way of working. Through BIM, Measham Krysa facilitate efficient design management, on-site construction activities, operation and then handover to the end client. In short, BIM enables Measham Krysa to deliver, more efficiently, the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Measham Krysa staff are experienced BIM coordinators ensuring BIM discipline and origination amongst the BIM partners. Taking full advantage of powerful BIM modelling clients are positioned to outperform others in the marketplace. Our team are continually developing our BIM core, investment which will provide added value for Clients and optimised building performance.

What is BIM Modelling?

  • The phrase ‘BIM modelling’ can often create some confusion regarding what it is, how it is created and what benefits it can provide. If you are new to the BIM concept, Measham Krysa will:
  • Ensure a collaborative process of generating, developing and managing design data.
  • Ensure the depiction of a building, structure or building services through the creation of ONE intelligent and dynamic 3D model.
  • The 3D model is made up of solid objects (e.g.  Walls, windows, doors, pipework, steelwork, ductwork routes and of course catering equipment), each individually carrying their own attributes in a relational database. The BIM environment links these objects and their attributes to one another, thereby creating an ‘intelligent’ model. This model can be interrogated depending on need. As it is a flexible model it can provide specific detailed information on individual components.
  • The model evolves over time as a project progresses and ‘BIM Participants’ progressively add to it – enriching the model with greater levels of detail and data.

BIM Modelling provides:

Sharing of a single dynamic virtual model which is easily exchanged with all professional parties or ‘BIM participants’ – this includes consultants such as Architects, Surveyors, Mechanical and Electrical consultants, Planners and Engineers.

For adding industry-specific data by BIM participants on a project; all attributes of the same model. This provides a working environment which:

  • reduces risk,
  • saves money and ensures an efficient solution.
  • reduces the risk of information loss
  • ensures a robust and constructible solution
  • provides easy access to information scheduling for construction and ordering, minimises uncertainties
  • is an excellent vehicle for later ongoing asset management planning.

BIM is suitable for new build and existing buildings (modification, refurbishment and facilities management) and life cycle planning.

Measham Krysa ensure accurate representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a building, structure or utilities is at the heart of the BIM modelling process, enabling the ‘intelligent’ model to be shared effectively between all parties in the project life-cycle. We use Level 2 BIM protocols and BIM CAD standards, industry neutral generic information formats, the National BIM Library for industry standard BIM objects, internal and external protocols in line with BS1192:2007, AEC(UK) BIM standards and Uniclass and where necessary, we provide bespoke production of object data to meet Client procurement needs.

I have worked with Duncan & his team over many years on several projects. Their project planning and attention to detail has always been second to none

Name: Craig Reason, Senior Operations Manager | Company: Willmott Dixon