A Brief Guide to Commercial Kitchen Planning

Commercial Kitchen planning

All commercial kitchens, large or small, should have a safe work flow that promotes safe food handling and eases the burden of the operators. Kitchens should be designed in a way that avoids risks such as cross contamination between different food types, collision of operatives, and to avoid the risk of external contaminates entering the kitchen. A kitchen should be considered as a ‘factory’ and as such flow like one. All ‘kitchen factories’ begin with deliveries of the food ingredients needed to ‘manufacture’ the finished product.

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An Introduction to Building Information Modelling (BIM)

For larger projects Measham Krysa offers its clients the BIM environment.  BIM is the most comprehensive process of project modelling. Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the BIM environment is the ground breaking arena that heralds a new collaborative way of working. Through BIM, Measham Krysa facilitate efficient design management, on-site construction activities, operation and then handover to the end client. In short, BIM enables Measham Krysa to deliver, more efficiently, the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Measham Krysa staff are experienced BIM coordinators ensuring BIM discipline and origination amongst the BIM partners. Taking full advantage of powerful BIM modelling clients are positioned to outperform others in the marketplace. Our team are continually developing our BIM core, investment which will provide added value for Clients and optimised building performance.

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A guide to Commercial Kitchen Extraction Requirements

Commercial Kitchen ExtractionEffective Kitchen Extraction Systems are made of several key elements. Firstly a stainless steel canopy is normally required to extract gases and particles from the kitchen atmosphere. Canopies should have the right filters that are easily removed to be cleaned or replaced regularly.Secondly ducting is required to discharge fumes. This needs to be installed correctly with care taken on where the ducting is placed. Close proximity to residential areas or offices could result in complaints.

The system will also require fans placed within the ducting to extract fumes from the hood and through the ducting. The correct fan needs to be chosen to ensure adequate ventilation. Most systems (especially for kitchens frying food) will require carbon and grease filters within the ducting. Access to all parts of the kitchen extraction system is required for maintenance and cleaning.

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I am happy to endorse the excellent standards of service and design by Measham Krysa Associates on the many kitchen projects they have handled on our behalf. Their team provided excellent attention to detail right from initial space planning to assistance with procurement that has saved each of our clients many thousands of pounds. The quality of tender specifications and drawing documentation they produced ensured we got the quality of products needed

Name: Jonathan Warren, Director | Company: YMD Boon