Restaurant Kitchen Design

Measham Krysa Associates offer commercial kitchen design to all kinds of restaurants, weather that be Indian cuisine, fast food, Gastro pubs, fine dining and more. Whether you’re looking for a one off piece of equipment or a complete bespoke kitchen design, we can provide a solution to suit your needs.

We offer restaurants a complete project management service from the initial site survey down to organising the installation of your finalised restaurant kitchen design. Our highly experienced kitchen designers will tailor their designs to suit your individual needs, making using of bespoke stainless steel kitchen equipment designs. We keep in mind our clients’ needs at all times and suggest the best equipment to suit budgets and available space in the kitchen.

Over the years we have development working relationships with major catering equipment suppliers and from this we are able to provide restaurants with good quality equipment.

Having over 30 years of industry knowledge, we understand that the layout of a kitchen can have a direct impact on how smoothly service will run and therefore the experience a customer has at your restaurant. Our free initial consultation service is intended for our kitchen designers to get an understanding of the running and layout of your kitchen to ensure that the design we provide results in your customers getting the highest levels of service.

We have used and continue to use Measham Krysa Associates for design and cost planning of the many kitchen projects we have completed and are currently undertaking. Being under constant financial pressure they have always ensured we have received ‘best value’ for the equipment they have specified by arranging preferential rates from manufacturers

Name: Head of Catering Services | Company: Midlands Local Authority