Commercial Kitchen Layout

It’s important you get the best out of the space available to you to maximise productivity in your commercial kitchen. A lot of detail goes into developing a commercial kitchen layout, including making sure legislation is met to reduce risks and hazards.

A poorly organised kitchen can lead to delays in service, resulting in dissatisfied customers which in turn affects profit margin for your business. Kitchens should be designed to make service run smoothly and quickly, enabling staff to keep up with high demands.

Measham Krysa Associates keeps in mind the following factors when designing your commercial kitchen layout.

Kitchen Space – Whether your kitchen is small or large, we understand that making use of the space you have available is important. That’s why we create bespoke kitchen designs to suit all commercial kitchens.

Mobility – Employees should be able to move around freely without getting in each other’s way. Of course sometimes this can’t be avoided but at Measham Krysa Associates we create commercial kitchen layouts to help employees move freely through the kitchen, especially during peak times.

Health & Safety- When designing a brand new commercial kitchen it’s very important to keep in mind health and safety guidelines. Our commercial kitchen designers have the knowledge to ensure that your kitchen layout and design keeps in with these guidelines.

Ergonomics- It’s more beneficial in a kitchen if employees take fewer steps to complete a task. Our designers ergonomically design kitchens to help employees compete all their tasks with minimal bending, reaching, turning and walking as this will reduce the amount of injury and fatigue experienced in the kitchen.

Energy Efficiency- It’s important to keep your commercial kitchen as energy efficient as possible in order to save money in energy costs and therefor increase profit margin.

Flexibility- Commercial kitchens should be flexible in their layout. Due to changes in menus, equipment different equipment may be used more than others. This means it’s important that all equipment is easy to move around the kitchen.

I am happy to endorse the excellent standards of service and design by Measham Krysa Associates on the many kitchen projects they have handled on our behalf. Their team provided excellent attention to detail right from initial space planning to assistance with procurement that has saved each of our clients many thousands of pounds. The quality of tender specifications and drawing documentation they produced ensured we got the quality of products needed

Name: Jonathan Warren, Director | Company: YMD Boon