Commercial Kitchen Design

Measham Krysa Associates provide a complete commercial kitchen design service for a number of establishments including schools, restaurants and hotels.

With over 30 years of combined design experience, our knowledge allows us to provide a professional commercial kitchen design for any budget. We design kitchens to go in line with current legislations helping to ensure your working environment applies to all health and safety guidelines.



Contract Management

The complexity of modern installations means that the Client can be overwhelmed by the number of consultants and specialist disciplines involved in a project. As appointed Project Managers we can greatly ease this burden by providing a single link whilst ensuring that the Client is kept informed and engaged in the project.  This enables the Client and the team to work together with a planned and organised approach to improve quality and value and enable effective deliverance of the project.

We understand that good management of complex projects requires strong leadership with a systematic, coordinated and authoritative approach.  Our breadth of vision to plan and control every aspect of the construction process from inception to completion is invaluable.



Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Measham Krysa Associates can source commercial kitchen equipment from a wide range of suppliers from across the UK. Our catering equipment knowledge has enabled us to pick out the top suppliers available, allowing us to meet your needs to the best of our ability.

All equipment purchased from our suppliers has been tried and tested by ourselves and previous customers, therefore we can be trusted in providing the best commercial kitchen equipment available.



Commercial Kitchen Layout

It’s important you get the best out of the space available to you to maximise productivity in your commercial kitchen. A lot of detail goes into developing a commercial kitchen layout, including making sure legislation is met to reduce risks and hazards.

A poorly organised kitchen can lead to delays in service, resulting in dissatisfied customers which in turn affects profit margin for your business. Kitchens should be designed to make service run smoothly and quickly, enabling staff to keep up with high demands.


We have used and continue to use Measham Krysa Associates for design and cost planning of the many kitchen projects we have completed and are currently undertaking. Being under constant financial pressure they have always ensured we have received ‘best value’ for the equipment they have specified by arranging preferential rates from manufacturers

Name: Head of Catering Services | Company: Midlands Local Authority