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Measham Krysa Associates offer a consultancy service in commercial kitchen design. We make sure every aspect of the commercial kitchen design process is delivered efficiently and with our client’s needs in mind. We know that when designing a kitchen it’s important to consider the food delivery, storage, preparation, refrigeration, ventilation and cooking extraction.

A Commercial kitchen is a major asset to any food service provider, if supplied and designed properly your kitchen will run smoothly and efficiently. If the commercial kitchen design has not been carried out correctly, then this can have a problematic effect on its everyday use.

With over 30 years of combined commercial kitchen design experience,  Measham krysa Associates have applied their extensive knowledge to a number of different sectors including universities, schools, academies, architects and restaurants.

Whether the project is large or small, we aim to help clients invest in the right commercial kitchen for their own individual needs. We will make sure the project is within their set budget, help to maximise their return on investment and enhance the kitchens performance.

High Quality Services


Commercial Kitchen Design

Our kitchen planning consultants will help you through every step of the planning process. Starting from the initial design concept, by helping to turn your ideas into the final design, then through to the kitchen installation. We will also help to source the most suitable catering equipment for your kitchen and offer equipment training to you and your staff.
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Contract Management

The complexity of modern installations means that the Client can be overwhelmed by the number of consultants and specialist disciplines involved in a project. As appointed Project Managers we can greatly ease this burden by providing a single link whilst ensuring that the Client is kept informed and engaged in the project.
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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Whether it be a one off appliance or equipment for a brand new kitchen, our specialised commercial kitchen designers can help you select the most suitable equipment. We will also take into account price, quality, size and energy efficiency when selecting your commercial kitchen equipment, as well as offering equipment training for all staff if needed.
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We have used and continue to use Measham Krysa Associates for design and cost planning of the many kitchen projects we have completed and are currently undertaking. Being under constant financial pressure they have always ensured we have received ‘best value’ for the equipment they have specified by arranging preferential rates from manufacturers

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